Reflections of the past, sustainability for the future.

The Project

The Zechariah Boodey Farmstead Project is a historic preservation initiative that began with a colonial cape-style house built in 1769. The house is a national landmark and the birthplace of the Free Will Baptist Church. With 2,980 square feet of meeting space on a three-acre parcel of land, the facility will host historical and cultural programs and civic, educational, social, or private events and activities, accommodating 130 individuals.

Economic Development

The Zechariah Boodey Farmstead is conveniently located near New Durham's Business District and will stimulate economic development for local and regional businesses. Preservation of historic properties protects local property values and promotes social and economic growth. Once ready to open, the facility will foster partnerships with local and regional businesses that support the hospitality industry, caterers, florists, rental companies, social clubs and organizations, historical and cultural organizations, and educators. Additionally, the venue would provide a location to host educational programming, including demonstrations, workshops, forums, discussions, round table sessions, and programs for cross-generational mentoring, networking, and knowledge building.